परिमितं वै भूतम्। अपरिमितं भव्यम्।। (AitareyaBrahmanam 4/6) What had happened had limits; the happenings of future are limitless.
We try our best tomaterialise this Vedic aphorism in every life that we touch, as we carry the time-tested, eternal, most scientific technique of unfolding the limitless potential present inside an individual.

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Jan 2020

  • Feb 21, 2020

DJJS Vedic Conclave 2020 enthralled the rational minds of Delhi-NCR!

16 February 2020, New Delhi: On the bright Sunday morning of 16 February 2020 , at one of the splendid convention centres of Government of India- Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Over twelve hundred intellectual minds of Delhi NCR gathered to witnessed the life-changing explorations of the rishis of the vedic times. Designed on the intriguing theme of 'Amritasya Putrah- VEDIC RE-ENGINEERING CONCLAVE 2020', the workshop by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), under its corporate workshop wing PEACE in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and IGNCA bagged thunderous applause and appreciation from several Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Bureaucrats, Educationists and College Students.

Some of the esteemed invitees who marked their presence were Som Parkash (Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, GoI), Alok Kumar Advocate (International Working President, VHP), Dr. Sudhir Lall (Project Director, Vedic Portal, IGNCA), and Anant Kishore Saran (Director, Police, Ministry of Home Affairs).

‘Due to the incessant race and craze for westernization, we have gradually distanced from our cultural roots. As a result we have plagued our lives and have landed in the puddle of pains & problems i.e., Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Pollution, Divorce, etc. The key objective of organizing this conclave is to present an amalgamation of the Vedic philosophies with modern lifestyle, so as to benefit an individual on all 5-dimensions (koshas) of his being’, said Sadhvi Tapeshwari Bharti, Coordinator of PEACE program of DJJS.

Facilitated by the in-house experts and disciples of H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS), this event marked a wonderful beginning with Vedic Gym —the physiological warm-up session. Based on the authentic and powerful therapies as mentioned in the Dhanur-Veda and Natya-Veda scriptures, the fitness trainers of DJJS trained the participants in diverse aerobic-moves & dancing-kicks on the mantra beats.

The next session in the series was the Vedic Stylization. Bringing a unique and truly thematic fashion show, this session revealed to the audience the impactful traditions and science behind dressing, make-up, hair-do, footwear and ornamental accessories of the Vedic civilization as per their order of precedence.

Detox has become a buzzword nowadays. From detox-drinks to tech-detox to post-festive detox, every second person can be seen following some form of detoxification. In line with this trend, highly expert yogacharayas of the organization designed a revitalizing session on Vedic Detox with Breathing Patterns — packed with various cycles of breathing exercises and pranayamas for physical, emotional, and mental detoxification all under one roof.
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