To commemorate the ‘INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA, this upcoming Webinar—“ॐAZING YOG FESTIVAL” brings to us the comprehensive power-packed modules of YOG based on the amazing power of (pronounced as ‘OM’ or ‘AUM’). As INDIA is the pioneer in the field of YOG and AUM, the supreme syllable of YOGIC SCIENCE, it would be your unique experience to know and learn AUM based Yogic practices hosted right from the hub, India.

The three auspicious letters in AUM represent three levels of our existence—

  • ‘A’ = Akaar (Sthool Shareer: Gross Self)
  • ‘U’ = Ukaar (Sukshm Shareer: Subtle Self)
  • ‘M’ = Makaar (Kaaran Shareer: Causal Self)

This 3-lettered wisdom of AUM has been innovatively translated into 3 segments of the Webinar pertaining to our…
I) BODY or Gross Self; II) MIND or Subtle Self; III) SOUL or Causal Self.














Visual Bytes on Yoga Ethics!

Testimonials on Experiential Yog!

Vibrant blend of

As you will scroll down to read the content and intent of these 3 segments, an astute seeker will also decipher a vibrant blend of PATANJALI’s ASHTANG YOG SUTRAS finely and sequentially embedded in the subheadings.

  • ✔ The 3 subheadings of first segment: ‘Historical Poses’, ‘Craftsmen Skills’ and ‘Animal Feats’ will respectively unravel the essence of ‘YAM’, ‘NIYAM’ and ‘ASANA’, the first 3 steps of Patanjali’s AshtangYog.

  • ✔ Subsequently, in the second segment, ‘Rhythmic Breathing’ pertains to ‘PRANAYAM’; ‘Yogic Diet’ and ‘Neuro Dance’ relate to ‘PRATYAHAR’— the fourth and fifth steps of Patanjali’s AshtangYog.

  • ✔ Finally, the last segment of the Webinar would bring to us the insightful wisdom of ‘Mystical Yog’, ‘Meditative Eye’ and ‘Yogic Sleep’ which correlates to the last leg of Patanjali’s AshtangYog: ‘DHARANA’, ‘DHYAAN’ and ‘SAMADHI’.


Ia) HISTORICAL POSES (Behavioral—Nritya YOG)
This innovative, one of its own kind sub-section will tickle your mirror neurons while you strike the Yogic Poses, defining some unique characteristic of great personalities from the galore of history. From Vedic sages to the ancient founders of faith, the remarkable men-women who were the tall lighthouses of inspiration across the continents—their explicit attributes would be presented as yoga postures in dance style—‘Nritya Yog’. When participants will emulate these postures, they will receive the physical experience of greatness and psychological update of behavioral and social motivation.

Ib) CRAFTSMEN SKILLS (Competency—Naad YOG)
You have heard of ‘Molds’ to cast objects in shapes, right? YOG is the effective ‘Mold’ to cast our body in shape. What if, this ‘Mold’ is picked up from the skill-set of various craftsmen! Ah! It’s cherry on the cake!! So, PEACE CONNECT brings to you another sub-section showcasing the traditional yoga postures customized into skillful actions of craftsmen. While you perform these activities, your body dynamics mold into shapes specific to skills and dexterity; and Yes! This workout would be choreographed on the beats of Mantras—‘Naad YOG’, which is another feather in the hat🙂.

Ic) ANIMAL FEATS (Vitality—Shaurya YOG)
Each animal has a unique HARDWARE comprising various bodily postures and gestures specific to its modes of action. This HARDWARE harbors an exclusive SOFTWARE i.e. the qualities like vitality, swiftness, focus etc. Inspired by this proposition of Nature, our sages designed certain Yoga postures (Asanas) similar to the sitting, jumping, pouncing, running, relaxing styles of beings from Animal Kingdom. In this sub-section, PEACE CONNECT will set up a stage for you to practice these ‘Animal Feats’ as ‘Shaurya YOG’.


IIa) RHYTHMIC BREATHING (Emotional Healing—Pran YOG)
The breath and its intermittent ebb and flow is the next subject of the Webinar. In yogic tradition, this breath is considered to be the powerful vital current running through the bodily circuit; called as ‘Prana’ by Hindus, ‘Chi’ by Chinese, ‘Mana’ by Polynesians, and ‘Orenda’ by Amerindians. These Pranic currents stand midway between our gross material body and the subtle realm of mind. Hence, a proper regulation of breaths makes and shifts energy patterns and effective electro-magnetic fields (EMF) within our system, which map directly to the state of our mind. De-stressing the distressed mind through rhythmic breathing, the Pran YOG, would be the effort of the facilitator in this sub-section.

IIb) YOGIC DIET (Food4Mind—Mano YOG)
Yog is not just a physical activity. It’s also a conscious way of higher living through a calm and happy mind. To achieve this evolved state, your MENTAL DIET; not just what you consume by mouth but through your other sense organs and mind; plays a significant role. So, this sub-section focused on Mano YOG will lay before you the wise choices of food for mind; how you can prevent those instinctual primitive urges from entering your psychological system.

IIc) NEURO DANCE (Wisdom—Buddhi YOG)
Have you heard of ‘Noise Disturbances’ in electric circuits? Similar is the repercussion, when neural circuit of our brain gets heated up, over-worked or exhausted! The ancient repositories of Yog contain many remedial Kriyas (tools) to counter this state and pacify our brain instead. This calming of brain further results into the secretion of happy neurotransmitters; let’s call it a YOGIC style NEURO DANCE or Buddhi YOG ! To bring forth such a remedial effect in brain will be the objective of this sub-section.


IIIa) MYSTICAL YOG (Inner Cosmos—Antar YOG)
This is the last rung of the ladder. From this vantage point, you will see how lofty is the peak of evolved human consciousness, which is to be finally conquered by YOG!!

After the physical and psychological, comes the core spiritual principle of YOG, which is basically an eternal science of awakening Inner Cosmos. The Inner Cosmos is the infinite territory beyond space-time dimensions, subtly encased beneath the stretch from centre of eyebrows to the entire scalp. This sub-section will unravel the mystical techniques of YOG to enter in this intangible divine inner world, which has been the practical laboratory of Yogis to perform divine experiments of Meditation. How can this ancient science, the Antar YOG prove to be a contemporary panacea for modern day yogis, this would also be the subject of discussion in this sub-section.

IIIb) MEDITATIVE EYE (Divine Visions—Dhyaan YOG)
Once the consciousness enters in the territory of Inner World… Lo! There’s the entire new vista of DIVINE VISIONS and EXPERIENCES before the THIRD EYE or Meditative Eye. Yes!! You practically SEE, PERCEIVE, BEHOLD the Divine Light and other revelations at your medulla plexus (middle of the forehead). It is no visualization or ideation or imagination or hallucination. It is the direct SEEING! Shvetashvatara Upanishad states—

nīhāradhūmārkānalānilānāṃ khadyotavidyutsphaṭikāśaśīnām | etānirūpāṇipuraḥsarāṇibrahmaṇyabhivyaktikarāṇiyoge || 2.11
When yoga is practiced, the visions which appear first are those of snow-flakes, smoke, sun, wind, fire, fire-flies, lightning, crystal and the moon. They are the indicators of progress on the path of YOG.

How these divine visions can prove to be the ultimate succor to almost all human problems pertaining to mind, thought process, character, dilemmas, social and relational fields— this would be the remarkable presentation of this sub-section, the Dhyaan YOG.

IIIc) YOGIC SLEEP (Intuitive Dreams—Nidra YOG)
When day is divinized, how can night remain benighted? The regular practitioners of Brahm Gyan’s Mystical Yog find their sleep transforming into DELTA state, which is usually deep and dreamless sleep or infused with intuitive visions from the higher plane of divinity. This code of Yogic Sleep, the Nidra YOG will be cracked for the participants to reboot themselves while investing lesser hours in bed.


Visual Bytes on Yoga Ethics!
A hilarious video presentation will mark the beginning of the Webinar. It will showcase our weaknesses and lame excuses that often deviate us from the disciplines of YOG. In a lighter vein, we will see our mirror image in the video and also get apprised of the corresponding Yoga ethics.

Testimonials on Experiential Yog!
Finally, the THEORY will be augmented with the PRACTICAL EVIDENCE! During the last phase of the Webinar, the participants will witness the direct testimonies of Yoga practitioners associated with DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, the Parent Organization of PEACE CONNECT). These practitioners will voice out their real-life and inner-life experiences, highlighting the effectiveness of YOG model proposed by DJJS. At the backdrop of these testimonies, Yogic melodies will be played to enhance the overall experience of the viewers.


• All talks, modalities & demonstrations are scientific along with practical and result-oriented applications, with no inclusion of dogmas or personal beliefs.

• All sessions will be facilitated by highly qualified in-house experts of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), who have expertise in their respective subjects.



FEE: Free

Duration: 1 hour 30 min.

Date and Time: 18 June, 2022 | Saturday

9:00 AM PT (California) | 10:00 AM MT (Denver) | 11:00 AM CT (Houston) | 12:00 PM ET (New York, Toronto) | 12:00 PM GYT (Guyana) |
5:00 PM GMT (UK) | 6:00 PM CEST (Central Europe) | 7:00 PM EEST (Greece) | 7:00 PM AST (Manama) | 8:00 PM GST (Gulf)

Date and Time: 19 June, 2022 | Sunday

7:00 AM ICT (Thailand) | 8:00 AM SGT (Singapore) | 10:00 AM AEST (Australia) | 12:00 PM NZST (New Zealand) |


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