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Eternal Happiness @120 minutes

  1. Comedy Capsules
    Science says, “You can easily laugh away your problems!”So, Laugh Out Loud to kick start the journey of ‘Anandam’ with us.
  2. Musical Concert
    Music and Ananda are in each other’s pocket. Moreover, fusion of Classical and Contemporary music is the flavor of Season. So, Tune-In with the rhythmic vibes of Ananda!
  3. Activity Zone
    A curtain Raiser to unravel the ‘What’, ‘Why’ & ‘How’ of the problems!
  4. Words of Wisdom
    Not just Answers but Real time Solutions to Discover the Eternal Ananda!
  5. Talk Show
    It’s time to grow beyond ourselves as Global Ananda awaits your Action!
  6. Meditation
    Connect Internally for Eternal Bliss and experience the Anandic Moments of the Inner World!
  7. Dance Ballet
    Beatifying dance performance revealing the unending saga of Ananda!