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Kindle your Real, Inner Diya

Based on the Vedic maxim- ‘Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya’, we bring for you an exclusive gift on the occasion of DIWALI in the form of an enlightening workshop to help you dispel any darkness in life and fill it with sparkling bright light of happiness.

Intro: Lead Me from Darkness to LIGHT

Physical Dimension:

Eat Right, Look Bright!

From Rangoli-making to Healthy-living!

Social Dimension:

Eco-friendly DIWALI
Let the Environment Rejoice!

Effective Greeting & Gifting Skills
Connecting Harmoniously with People!

Cultural Dimension:

Wisdom Tips from Management Guru- Sri Ganesha
Wealth Tips from Finance Minister- Ma Laxmi
Significance of Laxmi-Ganesh Poojan

Spiritual Dimension:

Dhyaan– the Eternal Science
Celebrating Diwali in Inner-world!

Bhargo Devasaya Dhiimahi…