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A Contemporary Presentation of Patanjali's Ashtaang Yog

The Concept
Not Carpet Yoga, But Corporate Yoga!

The Behavioral Yoga
Employee's ATTITUDE ? Company's ALTITUDE
* Ethics * Integrity * Commitment

The Physiological Yoga
FOOD Byte + AASAN Right = Stay Upright
* Chair Yoga * Diet Tips * Fitness

The Vital Yoga
Credit O2 of LIFE, Debit CO2 of STRIFE
* Pranayam * Longevity * Magnetism

The Psychological Yoga
Mood Therapies IN, Mental Agonies OUT
* Stability * Positivity * Conflict Resolution

The Intellectual Yoga
From KB's to GB's of IQ
* Decision-Making * Work Focus * Memory Management

The Spiritual Yoga
DHYANA: The Heart of YOGA
* Introspection * Inner Peace * Conscience Awakening