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Funeral of Mind! Birthday of SUPER-Mind!!

Have You Ever Attended Your Own Funeral…
Being Alive & In Sensation?
That Too With Joy & Elation?
Well, here is the chance of taking a SELFIE of SELF-CREMATION Cum SELF-CELEBRATION


Session Highlights

Vedic Swaha
Inaugural Invocation by Modern Rishis
Mantra Chanting                    Mudra Training                     Havan-Offering
An opening which is sacred-o-scientific and traditional-o-innovative! This session will kick-start the festivity with a contemporary Yagya infused with the aromatic vibes of Manah Swaha!


Scientific Swaha
From Monkey to Monk
Scientific Experimentations                           Live Demonstrations                           Activity ‘n’ Movie Sessions
This session will give a practical insight into the unbridled dance of the monkey mind. Brace up to witness the disastrous calamity if you swing with its tunes; else pace up to cherish the phase-shift from the MONKEY to the MONK!


Ayurvedic Swaha
O Mind! Relax Plzzzz…
Oil Massages… Aha! Aha!        Food-Mood… Wah! Wah!                        Laughter… Ha! Ha!
This session will bid good-bye to the mind ailing and wailing with high-decibel cacophony, bouts of negativity, and pangs of moodiness cum toxicity!


Emotional Swaha
Abracadabra… EQ Magic-Mantra for U!

Think Rational                                    Speak Sensible                                  Act Practical
This session will take pot-shots at the floods of vengeance, cyclones of criticism, and earthquakes of misunderstanding. Till date you have enjoyed relations in life; now rejoice life in your relations!   


Yogic Swaha
Poses with Psycho Doses
Dancing-Kicks                       Yoga-Picks                             Aerobics
Kudos! This session will renovate and rejuvenate your dilly-dally life-style to make it fit and super-hit! Get set to enjoy a treat with the beats!  Say ‘YES’ to rise and ‘NO’ to fall with a classy rock ‘n’ roll!


Epical Swaha
Corporate Katha & Musical Fiesta
Mahishasur Mardan                       Taandav Nartan                                                Hari Kirtan
Sign up for this fabulous session to explore puranic legends not just from the SOIL, but SOUL of India. To add on, this section comes with a soulful addiction for you to sing and swing!


Philosophical Swaha
Mind-full or Mindful?
Psycho Therapies              Mushrooming Remedies              Vedantic Methodologies
This session will offer you a fantastic package to get rid of the baggage of confusions ‘n’ delusions! It will empower you to fight and win over the sleepless nights! It will also help you give a bang on the troublesome anxiety pangs!


Spiritual Namah
Happy B’day to Consciousness

Upanishadic Models Delight        Brahm Gyan Ecstatic Flight           Guru Needed– Wrong or Right

This session will make you revel in the blissful oasis of the newly-born consciousness. You will be all set to celebrate the ‘Shantam & Anadam’ states in life. It’s guaranteed that after this session, your expression is going to be simply this… Eureka! I have found ‘My Real Self’!