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A Soulful Sufiyana Evening

  1. Shaayerana Comedy
    Like ‘Never Heard Before’, a striking blend of Shaayari and Wit to tickle your funny bone.
  2. Sufi Concert
    When your every pore will reverberate with Soulful Notes and Lyrics, Kaafis & Qawaalis, what you will experience will be nothing less than Ecstasy!
  3. Self-Assessment Zone
    Check your scores on the Scale of Devotion for your ‘Eternal Soulmate’!
  4. Insightful Presentation
    Dive into the ‘Ocean of Emotions’ of the most Beautiful Relationship in all Worlds!
  5. Dance Ballet
    ‘Ulfat Ki aakhiri Mukaam tak jo Pahuncha…’- an enchanting Dance Ballet on the sufi disciple Bulleshah.
  6. Sound Therapy
    Channelize Your Energies with the power of Healing Sounds! A unique session on acupressure through music and sound vibrations!
  7. Tribute to the MASTER
    He is ‘The Visionary of the Era…. The Greatest Leader…. The Harbinger of Peace…. The Embodiment of Love…. The Master of Masters….’ His Grace is Unravelled!