Transformational Technology of Teaching


Setting the Tone


Breaking the ice, this session develops a cordial feeling of belongingness amidst the participants and faculty, thereby triggering in them a deep and contemplative self-enquiry to fully grasp the essence of the entire workshop. Overall, the ambience is toned to balance the professional receptiveness and a leisured feel of personal relaxation.

Exercise Zone

Be youthfully fit to make fit youth


Our jobs/lifestyle often leads to physical problems like cervical pain, back-ache, knee-ache, eye-muscle weakening etc, and needs body-toning exercises. Chair Yoga is a special attraction along with Mudra Yoga which includes learning Hasta Mudras to help overcome several physiological problems. Laughter therapy and discussing the effect of different laughter styles on various body organs (e.g. lungs, kidney, throat etc) is another novel theme covered.

The Best-o-logy of Teaching

School the Self First


Signifying the role of a teacher, Aristotle beautifully states– “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for they actually give them life, the art of living well.” Emphasizing the value and role of a teacher, this session reveals the methodology for teachers to become the true role models for their students, so that best future can be carved out from their dexterous hands.

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Giving a 3600 Education: LIFE + LIVING-MAKING


We theoretically as well as practically teach several laws in Physics, Reactions in Chemistry, Principles in Economics, and Equations in Mathematics. However, we also need to teach the laws which govern the life and mind. This session provides insight into the formula that channelizes the negative and directionless thoughts of students and rectifies their psychological equation while taking them on tour to their life’s lab.

Making a Responsible Youth

A Wholesome Time-table for Students


This session highlights some prime o-logies crucial to develop a complete personality of the youth. Giving the wholesome nourishment for the making of a youth, this section of the workshop aims at adorning the world with true youthfulness springing forth in every youth at all levels of his persona. Indeed, the world is direly looking forward to such future-makers who are physically groomed, mentally tuned and spiritually zoomed.

Dhyaan– the Master Formula

Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya
To spread the light in the world, the need is to first deluge in the showers of divine light within by discovering the eternal technique of dhyaan. Once rooted to the divine source inside, the much needed wisdom, clarity in thoughts and actions, peace of mind, and the real art of dutifulness become the natural outcomes. Serving as the backbone of the entire workshop, this session talks about the master formula of meditation– the ultimate panacea!

Open House Discussion