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DJJS Vedic Conclave 2020 enthralled the rational minds of Delhi-NCR!
by PEACE Program February 21, 2020

16 February 2020, New Delhi: On the bright Sunday morning of 16 February 2020 , at one of the splendid convention centres of Government of India- Vigy…

PEACE Program invited at IOCL, 2nd HSE Meet of 2019-20
by PEACE Program December 28, 2019

Ever pondered upon the intricacies of your mind, memory, and mental wellbeing? As per World Health Organisation (WHO) report, Mental Health refer to a…

From Distress to De-Stress, Mantra Decoded at T3 Workshop by PEACE | SDMCED, West Zone
by PEACE Program December 16, 2019

Committed to eradicate the savage of Stress, PEACE Program, under its Transformational Technology of Teaching (T3) series,  conducted ‘Stre…

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Who We are

PEACE (Personal Enhancement to Achieve Corporate Excellence) is a holistic self-development program of
Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) designed to address life-related issues for the working professionals in corporate houses, government & non-government departments and companies.

PEACE caters to both P * P: Personal & Professional dimensions of an individual's life by triggering in him 3S: Self-assessment, Self-awakening & Self-realization!

These life-transforming programs are uniquely innovated with a catalytic appeal which seeps into the very core of one's persona, thus potentiating an atomic metamorphosis within and outside.

If an individual gets cardinally established in his awakened consciousness, he attains the art to dexterously deal with the challenges in his Personal and Professional facets of life, thereby gaining Success and Stability.

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His Holiness envisions

PEACE is the direct outcome of AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS
which inturn is a cumulative sum of POSITIVE THOUGHTS,

Positive Thoughts lead to TRANSFORMED PEOPLE,

Positive Actions lead to FLOURISHING PLANET,

& Positive Character leads to PRUDENT PROFIT


Hence, PEACEP3 Revolution!

Underlying Philosophy

  • Preventing Physical Erosion

  • Disciplining Psycho-Self

  • Averting Intellectual Demotion

  • Awakening the Ethical


Physiological Fitness & Performance

When Health of Employees was managed well, Organization's Performance increased more than 2.5 times. Alternatively, when it was not managed well, Organization's Performance decreased more than 3.5 times.

- Global Findings, RIGHT MANAGEMENT


Fluctuations in Mood-o-Meter & Performance

Weiss and Cropanzano argue that the situation-specific nature of emotions in teams can decrease performance in business settings. When linked to dysfunctional conflict, emotions can result in distraction from current work to focus on feelings about the conflict (Jordan & Troth).

- Global Findings, RIGHT MANAGEMENT


Intellectual Analysis & Performance

As per the standard Decision-Making Model, one's decision depends on the rational judgment (sense-making), ideation, analysis-synthesis (evaluation) which as a whole constitutes our intellectual set-up. This eventually decides our planning, execution & control– and, thus, Performance on the whole!


Level of Conscience & Performance

According to the researched statistics, ethics/conscience acts as a major factor in one's personal/professional growth. If this core dimension of our personality remains un-awakened, it leads to the making of 'Perpetrators' rather than exemplary 'Leaders'. The Satyam Scandal, Death of Lehman Brothers, Enron's Collapse, etc. are a few examples to mention.

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Why Choose Us

  • Highly qualified facilitators comprising of professors, doctors, researchers & professionals from leading institutions.
  • Vibrant layouts with quiz, talk-show, fun-filled activities, experiments etc.
  • Exquisite venues with state-of-the-art facilities.


Company hosts the event & PEACE facilitates the customized Workshop in its premise.

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PEACE hosts the event & multiple companies converge to a joint venue to participate.

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