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Stress Management @360°

  1. Introduction
    Know What Tickles Stress In You
  2. Diet ‘n’ Nutrition
    Food for Stress-free Mood

    Since our basic food habits make a BIG difference to our physical and psychological existence, we need to know what should we eat, when should we eat & how should we eat. Powerful diet-tips will be given rapidly as a starter for a stress-free life.

  3. Stress-Busting Exercises
    Stretch to De-Stress

    Our sedentary jobs/lifestyle often leads to physical problems like cervical pain, back-ache, knee-ache, eye-muscle weakening etc, which in turn lead to acute stress in life. Therefore, this session brings for you a power-pack of Chair Yoga postures and quick stress-busting exercises!

  4. From Distress to De-stress
    Deriving the Right Technique

    This session derives a practical theorem to check the authenticity of the prevalent meditation techniques meant for stress-free living. It leads you to the ultimate “Hence Proved” step which in turn transports you to an altogether different realm of existence and has the potential to take your life to heights of blissful ecstasy.

  5. Om Chanting
    Energising with Holy Vibes

    The vibrational therapy of Om chanting energises and rejuvenates our vital being, creating an aura of peace and tranquillity. At the physiological and psychological levels also, Om chanting relaxes our brain muscles and enhances our receptivity towards Knowledge.

  6. Dhyaan– the Ultimate Remedy to Stress
    Google Within

    The Eternal Science of Meditation has a reforming effect on our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards work and life as a whole. The session is often an eye-opener to many, is powerfully absorbed by most for the unmatched benefits it potentially offers, and is effectively put across/channelized through revealing videos and demonstrations supported by research evidences and scientific derivations.

  7. Pranayam
    Breathing Life

    The connection of breath to our subconscious emotions (conditioned stress) is harnessed to advantage through various rhythmic Breathing techniques (Pranayams) which vitalizes our Pranic Self (Aura). The technique imparted helps clear various congestions & clogs in our body that impedes blood/energy flow and thus cures our internal system.