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Eureka! 1 + 1 = 11!!!

The Workshop is a comparative study on ‘I’ vs. ‘WE’, which eventually proves & motivates- ‘SYNC’ or ‘SINK’!
  1. Networking Skills

    Good communication breathes life into a team-circuitry. In a team, the information-network should have smooth connections for the information to flow, with proper resistance to the disturbance signals, wiring every team member into the team’s nerve centre. How a well-designed communication circuit proves to be the hallmark of successful teams and how improper or corrupt information signals cripple the performance of a team– this session elucidates.
  2. Manage Time or Damage Team
    Deadlines Met, Headlines Set!

    One of the major concerns of all teams is: Dealing with the issue of ‘too many vs. too little’. Often teams are seen caught up in the dilemma of too many opportunities to pursue, too many projects to handle, too many problems to solve… vs. too little a time. This session brings a power pack of time management principles to collectively enable the teams meet their deadlines or time schedules, thereby tackling the projects effectively and efficiently.
  3. Conflict Resolution
    Concords Regarded, Discords Discarded

    Conflicts are the viruses that tend to sap the team off its strengths and principles. To keep the teams functioning successfully, it is essential to install a proper anti-virus in the mechanism of a team so that the viruses of distrust, disloyalty, etc. fail to attack and collapse the structure of a team. This session introduces to the participants a wonderful anti-virus comprising of a unique set of features, which have the power to wipe off the clashes forever from a team.
  4. Who Am I?
    Check Your Personality Quotient!

    No two persons are alike. This difference exists not just at the physical plane, but also at the mental and behavioural levels. What type of personality you are– this session focuses on the self-analysis aspect of an individual. This self-analysis plays an important role in the structure of a team; it is so because the individual personalities when come together, decide the overall personality make-up of the team.

  5. Be Einstein of your Team
    Thinking Out of Box!

    Innovation & Creativity in a team make a significant contribution in problem solving and thus making the team a success. This requires a lot of new discoveries & inventions by the team-members, wherein their brains dare to ‘Think OUT of BOX’! This session helps you check whether or not you are that Einstein or Newton of your team!

  6. The Case Study Zone
    Inspirational Fireballs of Teamwork

    This session covers a few striking case studies, which remarkably exemplify the gravity of the term: ‘TEAM’. Invaluable and eye-opening lessons are drawn from them, which undoubtedly cast a deep impression on the participants.
  7. The Power of WE!
    Summing Up the Energies!

    This session depicts the importance of the role played by each member, as to how everybody’s contribution makes a difference. Beautifully highlighting the fundamental principle of teams, which says– ‘In a team it is not I but We’, the module infuses team spirit in the participants.
  8. Resonance vs. Resistance
    Right Attitude for High Altitude!

    For a team to give its best performance, there has to be a minimum resistance and maximum resonance in the psychology of the team members. Highlighting the crucial factor of likeminded-ness in a team, this session helps the participants spot the areas of match and mismatch, inspiring them to mend their individual attitudes as they understand the fact their individual attitudes have a direct impact on the efficiency of their team.
  9. Conscience Awakening
    Coming Together at Root-level

    The back-bone session, which deals with the subtle aspects of a team! The methodology discussed reveals the underlying principle of unity in a team, which once known and imbibed, proves to be the master formula for making a team 100% successful!