PEACE Sky-rocket Progress

This year the number of new members from diverse fields of corporates, scholars, educationists and government employees who became PEACE-ites crossed the score of 5K. The percentage increase in the number of PEACE beneficiaries is tremendous. Year 2013-14 showed more than 70% increase in number of PEACE-ites as compared to near about 20 percent increase in the previous years. A big-big success!

Also, in terms of the number of P2C and C2P program events organized at various Delhi and NCR sites, the maximum share goes in this year's progress bag (as compared with past years events organized under PEACE wing of DJJS) as is depicted in the pie-charts below



success stories

Through PEACE, corporate professionals, scholars, professors, doctors and other advanced mindsets have realized that spirituality is the subject of practicality and rationality, very much in coherence with the present-day life and age. Today these people have not only got themselves initiated into the Supreme Science of Self-Realization, but are also taking initiatives to spread the change in others by getting these workshops organized in their offices and institutions. Also, Invitation by leading institutions like Intel, Accenture, TDI, TCS, Bright Brothers, Maharani Paints, Invertis University, National Seed Corporation, and many more speak about influential ambit of PEACE.

Even the gigantic auditoriums like Siri Fort in Delhi have fallen short to accommodate our participants.




PEACE makes a magnanimous and fresh come back after 3 years… not after hibernation, but a gestation period. Since its inception, PEACE has taken a three-pronged approach of Research, Development, and Execution. In line with this philosophy, extensive Quantitative-cum-Qualitative 'Research' was undertaken corresponding to the four pillars of human development– Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing. With this as the inventory, we then traced our footsteps in the direction of 'Development'. This phase of our synergistic approach marked the genesis of an enriched Workshop-Catalogue, Brainstorming Sessions accompanied with deep Philosophical-cum-Technical Activities. Well! The back-stage task is over! Now is the time to 'Execute'. Yes, you have got a reason to celebrate… because PEACE is once again back with the Bang… in a NEW AVATAR!